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To be a giant
Like a giant with a tiny elf
I was arguing with my son
Johnny, finish figthing with that desk.
Where are you now, what have you done?
Why don’t you come here right away?
Give me back that. It can’t be true
You shouldn’t do these things in this way
But you carry anything through.

And again... Despite all my trials
He paid no heed to me all day.
Johnny was frisking like a tiger
Who is in the free air always.
While I was reading he banged his head
And then he unpluged every cable.
’ I’m much bigger than you ’ he said
After that he clmbed up the table.

I got exhausted of guarging him
Although I liked the litte boy.
Finally, to avoid the beating
I joined to him to play on.
I crouched down and the giant became
A small elf again for a while
( I thought what would happen if this game
Took for the end of my lifetime. )

And as I squated on my haunches
Around us everything revived
High towers were coming and going;
This world made me so despised.
The height got higher just as distance
Only, only the floor was mine
And I miserably moved on that
Like a bird who can no more fly.

From down there it was so frightening
That the grown-ups were very big
And powerful and knew everything
And I was slender and tiny.
I was looked down on and so humbled
And the wish for height carried me
Away, so it was like a wonder
When someone tries to reach the peak.

I became hot under my collar
Because I am still not growing
Like little bombs under their cover
I was restless, I felt lonely.
I wanted to do that in revenge
To show them that I can do that.
Short time – but I wanted to kill them
Because with me they were cruel.

I hated and hated them again
After that just a momentum...
Johnny was breaking away apace
Because he broke an old necklace.
I shouted: ’ Stop immediately.’
’ Don’t be afraid ’- I said softly
And I raised him higher and higher
To be big, to be a giant.

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