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Alkotó: BloodVomitor
Alkotások száma: 19
Regisztrált: 2008-02-11
Belépett: 2011-05-31
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Film / Zene
-Zenekritikák - Underground (Metal) (15)
Feltöltve: 2008-02-12 22:40:30
Megtekintve: 13753
AMNION - Burn The Forests 7"Ep 2006 (CALABOZO Recs.)
„Burn The Forests” 7”EP
This was the very first vinyl for the second issue for this blasphemy, and I must tell, You it is also the best (or let me call itt he number one) out of these few vinyls! Desolating Black Metal which is just as influenced by the raw satanic power of BEHERIT like with the inhumanisim of (the ture) MAYHEM! This is Black Metal in it’s purest essence, I am not sure if my words are even worthy to wrtie about this release! On the back of the cover it is written Unholy Cryptic Black Metal, and there would’nt be a more fitting definition to these black jewles! There is definetily a a cryptic mood in their music, but also misanthropy and grimness is a very common feeling in the trio’s compositions as well. Side A starts with „Burn The Forest”, which is about the destroying the symbols of life, and the arrival of the Antichrist and destruction. On side B we can find the song „Black Metal Resistance”, and in my opinion the title already suggest what Sarnad sings about there! Let it be enough, that they aren’t willing to lett he Black Flame consume!!! The sound is totally necro, the way it has to be, and I also wan’t to talk about Sarnad’s not so usula voice, He uses a more deeper, growling voice mixed with screams. I don’t know how I culd define it better, sorry, but I am sure that for the fucking cradle of shit lovers this voice wouldn’t fit for a Black Metal horde, but probably they would burn to ashaes after listening to these evil compositions! If You know what REAL Black Metal is, and want to listen to „songs” from that approach, than this 7” is a mandatory!!!!!!!
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