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-Zenekritikák - Underground (Metal) (15)
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THORON - Return To Dust CD 2006 (NO COLOURS Recs.)
„Return To Dust” CD 2006
THORON is a 4 (?) piece old skull Death Metal horde from Sweden if I know well, and this is their debut CD which contains two of their earlier materials which formely came out on CD-R. Well, as I said before their style is the good old Swedish-styled Death metal int he veins of their ancestors such as UNLEASHED, DISMEMBER, NIHILIST and I also feel some similarities with German FLESHCRAWL as well, so You now can have a picture of their style. They don’t put anything new to this stlye, they don’t have anything that You haven’t heared yet, buti n my opinion, its the best this way! Raw guitars, wardrums, no technical solutions, and the raspy voice of the vikillist, and of course good songs, that’s the essence of THORON! You won’t notice too much differences between the songs, as the first 3 trax were recorded in 2006, while the other 6 were summoned on plastic in 2005, but they must have used the same studio both times because the sound is exactly the same, only the vokills aren’t the same. On the earlier material the vokillist used a more demonic and deeper voice, but on the newer trax you can hear something that is more like shrieking, maybe they changed the persons in front of the microfone between the recordings. I really liked the mood of this release, it has the dark and cemetery-like feeling, the stench of death, so everything for which I have always digged these kind of hordes, and that’s the point I think here! The guitarist often bringes solos, which make the music a bit melodious but of course they don’t lose anything of their brutality! It was really great to hear songs such as „Unhallowed Ground”, „1983” or „Return To Dust”, so if You want to hear more old Swedish Metal of Death, than this release can be a good choice! A mandatory for every True DEATH METAL FANATIST!!!!
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