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FROST - Voices From Beyond The Gates 12" Lp (OSIRIS Prods.)
„Voices From Beyond The Gates” 12”LP 2005
|OSIRIS Prod.|
I think most of the readers have heared at least the name of Hungarian FROST, as they aren’t really new in our scene (for those who don1t know, they exiast since 1996). So far FROST had released several demos, two albums, and this is their very first vinyl material, which was previously released by the band on CD-R. Well, the first thing that I have noticed was a big mistake on the frontcover, the word”voices” is written with „w” on it, now that’s quite an amatuerish missprinting, but now lets concentrate rather ont he music, ok? So, the kind of Black Metal that FORST is performing is really abundant in synth, still it isn’t some symphonic shit, the guitars play the main role here of course. This 12” hides atmospheric Black Metal, but comparing it o their earlier releases, this is probably their most aggressive stuff so far, and that is why this is also my fave one from FROST’s discography! Altogether there are five songs plus one rehellsal one which might be a bonus song I think. The tempos are mainly fast, but You will find of course slower parts, expanded with some great acoustic parts! The music of FROST always had something in itself from which it could be heared that this is a Hungarian horde, but I don’t know how this can be, perhaps the songs are structured in such a way, and also the lyrics must have something to do with this, as they are of course in connection with our country. This is why I have always liked FROST, because of this really original Hungarian taste! The only song I didn’t like at all was the last one, a rehellsal, but this just has too much synth in itslef and this way it got a bit sloppy for me, but the sound is the best by this song, I didn’t like the drumsound for instance in the first five songs, it is like as if a drummachine would bring the themes. Well, I would recommend this vinyl only for those who are able tol isten also to the softer vibe of this genre!
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