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Alkotó: BloodVomitor
Alkotások száma: 19
Regisztrált: 2008-02-11
Belépett: 2011-05-31
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Film / Zene
-Zenekritikák - Underground (Metal) (15)
Feltöltve: 2008-02-12 22:30:17
Megtekintve: 3803
VÉRZIVATAR - Komor Felhők Árnyékában/In The Shades Of Sombre Clouds CD-R 2007 (NEVERHEARED Distro)
„Komor Felhők Árnyékában/In The Shades Of Sombre Clouds” CD-R 2006
VÉRZIVATAR means Bloodreign and it is a new one-man act from Hungary, and this here is its debut release. This material comes on a pro-done CD-R, but previously it was revealed by FOLTERKAMMER Rex. On tape, which has been sold out by now, and actually the mentioned label wanted to put it out on CD-r as well, but because of some problems this plan was cancelled, and so Balázs (NEVERHEARED Distro) released it finally. But wnough of the background-stories, lets get to the more interesting part, the music! ELzeril (the head of this horde) armed himself with a session drummer, namely Khrul and recorded 4 Black Metal compositions for this material. The music hides really melancholic feelings, as the title also suggests, so imagine a totally dead plain, with no life, and the sky, which is covered with sombre clouds that don’t lett he light pass through, this is the world that the music of VÉRZIVATAR summons. But if I list the titles of the songs the picture will get more clearer I think:… I would like to mention the third track, it is an instrumental one, it is truly as if I would walk through a cold snowcovered forest past a storm, this is my favourite song by the way. Elzeril’s voice is one of the most tortorous ones I have ever heared, but also it reminds me on someone’s vokill-style, but I can’t rember who that is, but this doesn’t matter now I think. The songs are quite monotonus, there are only 2 or 3 themes in each song and this is the only negative aspect by this stuff (for me at least). The songs are too long and this way I got a bit borred by the 4th or 5th listening, perhaps if the songs were half so long it would be better. This CD-R was limitted to 150 copies and probably it is already sold out as well as the tape, but If I know it well, a Polish label will put it out again on professional CD, so You will have the chance once again to get to know the first release of VÉRZIVATAR.
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