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Film / Zene
-Zenekritikák - Underground (Metal) (15)
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UNDERDARK - I Am Above All CD 2007 (WRAITH Prods.)
„I Am Above All” CD 2006
|WRAITH Prod.|
What an awesome release!!! I knew that I wouldn’t be dissappointed by this Ukrainien (this time) One-man act, this CD is surely one of the best albums from the previous year!!! If You have heared the last album of UNDERDAKR, than You will be really suprised what kind of „developements” have been made on this one! I think I would need a whole page to perfectly review this stuff, but I will try to avoid this! The main difference between the last album and this one here, is that this has a much clearer production, still it kept the rawness buti n a more professional way. The songs are much faster this time, and this way also more aggressive in my opinion. I am really surprised how Amorth could have recored all this on His own, even the drums were played by Him, which isn’t so popular by One-man hordes! But what is more interesting is the music, which is as incredible as much it is hard to write about it, hehe. When listening to these dark tunes, we are able to get far from this world, into another dimension that isn’t infested by anything human! From beginning til,l the end, this album is like a journey, exploring the unknown. It still bears the trademarks of the Ukranian Black Metal hordes, that unearthly atmosphere they can create. The songs are mainly fast, but not that complicated, but it doesn’t matter if the music is compley or not, it’s the feeling that always counts, and here, it has even a much bigger role! The synth is also present here, in every song, though it was pushed much in the background, but it gives much to this great music although it is hardly noticeable that this instrument is also there. The 7th song is the one I would like to mention speerately, as this one is the slowest one and also the most atmospheric one, I could say that this is the peak of the album. The last song is a cover of Kari Rueslĺtten,. It stands out a bit of the other songs, buti t is a perfect ending for this perfect album, hehe. Amorth has chosen the best title for this masterpiece, this is superior, this STANDS ABOVE ALL!!!
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