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Alkotó: BloodVomitor
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Regisztrált: 2008-02-11
Belépett: 2011-05-31
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Film / Zene
-Zenekritikák - Underground (Metal) (15)
Feltöltve: 2008-02-12 22:24:12
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KRV - Silna Volja Srebra CD 2006 (WALK Recs.)
„Silna Volja Srebra” CD 2006
|WALK Rec.|
Besides SILENT KINGDOM, this is the only band that I know from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but unlike SILENT KINGDOM, KRV’s musick is definetly my cup of vomit! It is rigid Black Metal, with a great inhuman scream that will threaten even the soul out from the listener, hehe. The biografhy that I got with this CD tells that KRV was founded to play old school Black Metal influenced by the earlier works of DARKTHRONE, and I can’t say anything against it, these demons got many inspirations from the Scandinavians, still, I feel also an own taste. There is only one song in English (Celebrating The Black Art) the rest is in their native language, and that is already a feature that makes KRV unique in a way, though You won’t really notice that they don’t sing in English, hehe. The following moods were in me when I was listening to these 6 songs: ghoulish, creepy, negative, cold and emotionless, these are the feelings that determine the unholy invocations of KRV. We can hear some standstills as well, but not acoustic ones, but some raw guitar sawings that make everything just more weird! Besides the mentioned six studiorecordings, there are plus two bonus trax that were took up at a gig! The problem by most of the bands who play live is, that they can’t give back the mood of their compositions on stage, but by KRV it is not this case, perhaps it is even stronger this way! I got the CD from NEVERHEARED Distro, it was released as a professional CD-R. Unfortunately I can’t tell anything about the outlook, as I have only a burnt CD-R with a xeroxed copy, but the cover looks really interesting, and acording to that, the lyrics must be also dealing with the same concept as the cover, to bad I haven’t got them. KRV made a very great material here, I really hope to hear from them soon, and to see them live one day!
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