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Alkotó: BloodVomitor
Alkotások száma: 19
Regisztrált: 2008-02-11
Belépett: 2011-05-31
Publikált rovatok
Film / Zene
-Zenekritikák - Underground (Metal) (15)
Feltöltve: 2008-02-12 22:23:16
Megtekintve: 2552
„Rabenswarch” MC 2006
This is a rather young german Black Metal force, consisting only of one memeber, whose name is a mistery for me, as the cover gives no (and I really mean no) information about the band, except the songtitles, wheter these were unreleased or not, and the copy number. Oh, and also the website of DEATHBRINGER Rex. is written into the cover as well.. But ok, reviews aren’t written about artworks after all, so lets get down to business and focus on the music. As I stated before GODLESS CRUELTY performs Black Metal, and the fact that the songs are written by only one individual, the influence of bands like BURZUM, or NARGAROTH (if we are speaking about a German horde) are quite obvious I think, though, not always. Cold, emotionless riffs, combined with a depressing aura and with a really painnfull scream. While listening to this tape, I felt something, a power that was dragging me down into the abyss of desperation, especially by the slowest parts, that always sthrengthen these feelings. Actually this is a collectional tape of old, new and unreleased songs, but the overall mood is always the same. The difference between the songs are their length (haha), the sound and the screams also sometimes are weaker, other times stronger. I especially liked the slower songs due to the aforth mentioned reason, and the sometimes present acoustic strains.Well, concerning that GODLESSS CRUELTY isn’t really a “band”, it is amazing how somebody could create such strong compositions on His own. I don’t know if this tape is still available, ‘cause it was limited on only 50 copies, but you can try and get some of GODLESS CRUELTY’s other matrials, worth to chek out!
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