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Alkotó: Szupercicumicu
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Regisztrált: 2007-05-01
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Feltöltve: 2007-05-23 12:58:49
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Just singin'
I awake in an icy bed, -You know
The sun just rising, my dreams just falled throw.
I know and feel the way –that You are in- My Dear
In vain You think You aren’t here.

I’m sittin’ in Your scent, and waitin’ for all day
I’m dreamin’ about You, and the words that I don’t say…
You are here with me
While I’m writing this line to You
I can see Your face,
And now I’m feeling so blue.

I don’t know more, just singin’ to You low,
Stars are wondering why nights are as slow…
I can feel Your scent,
Even hear Your voice loud,
I’d just need only one sound.

The Earth starts to shudder
From only one touch
Kissin’ You, lovin’ You…
Ahh… Iwant tooooo much….

I don’t know more,
Just singin’ to You low
Stars are wondering
Why nights are toooo slow…
I can feel Your scent, even feel Your touch
I want feel You better… Is it tooo much?

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2007-07-28 23:28:08
Well, u are not an actor. I guess u r a girl, so u only can be an actress, but in this case u r none anyways. U can coose: Poet or Artist :DDDD lol! We are talking about poetry, aren't we?
2007-05-24 13:19:39
U think there's another actor? I think i'm the only one who wrote this, but if u don't believe c'mon n u'll c. :)))
2007-05-24 12:18:32
2007-05-24 09:31:49
Hello cicumicu! Do You speak & wrote english? Who the actor? Are you? Or anybody else?