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At the end of the World

You are careful and handsome,
But if it needs, You become rude,
As a stranger You are my Harbour,
As You greedy concern me in a good mood.
I could be grateful for that, or even could cry,
Cause You are not JUST with me.
But I’ve (_*YOU*_) only one guy.

But if I slip into Your lap, I don’t care
Whether tomorrow will be,
And if it will, will You be there???
And I don’t care
If You won’t say a word
Still I’m with You at the end of the World!!!

You are careful and sweet,
That’s everything I need!!!
You are speaking with your body,
And the way You kissin’ „Honey”,
Your desire won’t give me up,
And it boils to 200°C my blood.

You are the man of the Darkness,
You could be anywhere,
Or You could be anyone’s,
I see You everywhere…
No doubt… You aren’t mine…
But if i slip into your lap
Everything just gonna be much fine!!!

And I don’t care
Wheteher there was yesterday or not,
And if it was,
Were You there for me without a sound my Love???
And I don’t care if You won’t say a word,
Still I’m with You at the end of the World!!!
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